Click each step to see the action. You can also click the picture or use the arrow keys.

  • Text messages (SMS) are short, text-only messages sent over the mobile network. Multimedia messages (MMS) are similar to text messages except they allow you to add images, sounds or other files to the message.
  • 1. Touch Messages.
  • 2. Touch the Compose icon.
  • 3. Touch the People icon to select recipients from your contacts list.
    Or, enter the recipients' mobile phone numbers.
  • 4. Touch Add text.
  • 5. Enter your message.
  • 6. Touch the Send icon to send the text message or touch the Paperclip icon to make this a multimedia message.
  • 7. Touch the desired option (e.g., Picture).
  • 8. Touch Gallery.
  • 9. Touch desired album.
  • 10. Touch a photo to attach it.
  • 11. Touch the Send icon.
  • 12. The message has been sent.