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  • When you use your LG K4 (2017) for the first time, it will take you through a setup wizard and help you set up some key features. For example, you can enable the Device Protection feature by adding a Google account and setting a screen lock.

    Device Protection helps to protect your phone from being used if itʼs lost or stolen. Even if your LG K4 (2017) is erased, your Google account password will be required before anyone can use it.

    Please note: The steps may differ depending on the options selected. Simply follow the prompts on the LG K4 (2017) to complete the setup wizard.
  • 1. Select the required language and touch Next.
  • 2. Touch the Wi-Fi slider.
  • 3. Touch the required Wi-Fi network.
  • 4. Enter the required password.
  • 5. Once entered, touch CONNECT.
  • 6. Once connected, touch NEXT.
  • 7. Touch NEXT.
  • 8. Touch Enter your email.
  • 9. Enter your email address and then touch NEXT.
  • 10. Touch Password.
  • 11. Enter your password and then touch NEXT.
  • 12. Touch ACCEPT.
  • 13. Checking info…. will be displayed briefly.
  • 14. Set up your Google service settings. Touch the Arrow to view more settings.
  • 15. Touch NEXT.
  • 16. If you want to restore from a backup of another device, select the device source and apps and then touch Donʼt restore.
  • 17. Touch NEXT.
  • 18. Touch NEXT to set a screen lock and enable Device Protection. Otherwise, touch SKIP to continue without a screen lock or Device Protection.
  • 19. Select the type of screen lock you want to use. In the following example a PIN will be used.
  • 20. Enter your desired PIN and touch Next.
  • 21. Re-enter your PIN to confirm it and then touch Done.
  • 22. Touch the desired option (e.g., Hide sensitive only) then touch OK.
  • 23. Read the End-User License Agreement, select the checkboxes.
  • 24. Scroll to and touch DONE.
  • 25. The home screen will be displayed.