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  • When you use your Nokia 3 for the first time, it will take you through a setup wizard and help you set up some key features. For example, you can enable the Device Protection feature by adding a Google account and setting a screen lock.

    Device Protection helps to protect your phone from being used if itʼs lost or stolen. Even if your Nokia 3 is erased, your Google account password will be required before anyone can use it.
  • 1. When the phone is powered on for the first time and the SIM card has been inserted, the Language menu will appear.

    Scroll to the desired language and touch NEXT.
  • 2. If you ‘d like to transfer data from an old device, touch keep your apps & data and follow the on screen instructions. If youʼd like to set up as new, touch Set up as new.
  • 3. Touch the desired Wi-Fi network.
  • 4. Enter the network password and touch CONNECT.
  • 5. Touch Email or phone.
  • 6. Sign in to your Google account or create a new one. To sign in, enter your Google account email address and touch NEXT.
    Note: a Google account is needed to take advantage of Android features such as Device Protection, Gmail, Google Hangouts and Google Play Store.
  • 7. Enter your Google account password and touch NEXT.
  • 8. Touch ACCEPT.
  • 9. Wait while the phone checks for connections.
  • 10. A list of options will appear and you can touch the sliders to enable or disable them. Scroll down and touch NEXT.
  • 11. Touch NEXT.
  • 12. Touch the desired screen lock option (e.g., PIN).
  • 13. Enter your desired PIN and touch CONTINUE.
  • 14. Re-enter your PIN and touch OK.
  • 15. Touch CONTINUE when you are ready to continue.
  • 16. Scroll to and touch YES,IʼM IN.
  • 17. Touch DO IT LATER.
  • 18. Touch FINISHED.
  • 19. Scroll to and touch Set up later.
  • 20. Touch FINISH to complete the setup wizard.
  • 21. The home screen will be displayed.