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  • You can keep track of the amount of data transferred to and from your device over your mobile data or Wi-Fi® connection during a given period.
    For example, you can view the amount of data used by individual applications. For data transferred over your mobile data connection, you can also set data usage warnings and limits to avoid additional charges.
  • 1. Touch Applications.
  • 2. Touch Settings.
  • 3. Touch Data usage.
  • 4. Touch Set mobile data limit.
  • 5. Read the warning and touch OK.
  • 6. Touch Data usage cycle.
  • 7. Touch Change cycle…
  • 8. Scroll to the desired date of each month.
  • 9. Touch SET.
  • 10. Touch warning.
  • 11. Scroll to the desired data usage warning.
  • 12. Touch SET.
  • 13. Touch limit.
  • 14. Scroll to the desired data usage limit.
  • 15. Touch SET.
  • 16. The changes have been saved.