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  • The changeable module with slide-out battery allows you to fit a camera module or a speaker module to enhance the features of the standard phone. Other modules will be available in the future.
  • 1. Press and hold the module release button to remove the changeable module.
  • 2. Pull the slide-out battery away from the bottom of the LG G5.
  • 3. To disconnect the battery, pull the battery away from the module.
    When replacing the battery in one of the modules, ensure the arrows on the battery and on the module line up, then push together firmly.
  • 4. LG CAM Plus:
    The LG CAM Plus has a shutter button, zoom dial and a hand grip to help you take better photos. It also provides extended battery life.
  • 5. LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY:
    Connect the LG Hi-Fi Plus with 32bit Hi-Fi DAC + Amp for improved sound from your LG G5. The LG Hi-Fi Plus can also be used separately with other Android OS, iOS, Mac OS and Windows OS devices.
  • 6. Insert the battery and the desired module.
  • 7. The LG G5 and desired accessory are now ready.