Click each step to see the action. You can also click the picture or use the arrow keys.

  • 1. Touch Apps.
  • 2. Touch Settings.
  • 3. Scroll to and touch Storage & memory.
  • 4. Touch the Menu icon.
  • 5. Touch Advanced.
  • 6. Touch Storage.
  • 7. The available memory is displayed.
  • The memory in your device tends to fill up as a result of normal usage.

    If the device starts to slow down, or applications suddenly shut down, you should consider the following:

    • Always have more than 100 MB of free internal storage and more than 100 MB of free RAM.
    • Close down running applications that you are not using.
    • Clear the cache memory for all applications.
    • Uninstall downloaded applications that you donʼt use.
    • Transfer photos, videos and music from the internal memory to the memory card.
    • If your device canʼt read content on the memory card, you may need to format it